The art of contrasts -

my world on your skin

It’s colourful in my creative world. My compositions are always bold, playful and detail-oriented. They are unconventional and yet show depth. 

My style and technique are influenced by nature as well as my experiences with other cultures and mentalities. I attach particular attention to softness and delicate transitions in my tattoos, which I also like to interrupt with graphic elements.

When richness of detail meets an explosion of colours, it creates a very special type of tattoos. My art on your skin consists of gentle colour gradients as well as linear outlines, graphic accents and abstract shapes, which come together in a coherent concept.



Creativity knows no boundaries

Your wishes and my ideas create the ideal motif for your body. Artistic freedom and  development are at the forefront of my work - each tattoo is therefore individually  designed according to the customer's unique wishes. Sometimes nuances are enough. Sometimes it has to be a little more. Every client, every body has its own current to which I adapt my artwork. This is also the reason  why I do not offer cover-ups or continuations of existing tattoos.