The Artist

A colorful beating heart

I am Jules. I create art, live life outside the box and always bursting with ideas. I am a femme fatale, a girl, a tomboy, a globetrotter and everything in between. I carry my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. I am constantly fascinated and passionately creative. I am loud and abstract. I am natural and exaggerated. I am colorful and bold, lovely and delicate. 

Ever since I can think, I have been living life as an original. Since I can hold a pencil, I paint.  What surrounds me inspires me and drives me forward. I draw, I create, I design, I illustrate - I bring ideas to life with colors and bring them – above all – to the human body. My needle is my brush, your skin is my canvas. My customers constantly open up new perspectives for me;  their stories inspire me to create unique motifs, one-of-a-kind pieces, and personal works of art. 

In the region of the Bohemian Forest in Upper Austria I connect with my roots, but really I call the whole world my home. Driven by my desire for new inspirations, I travel the globe and breathe in other customs and cultures. At guest spots in renowned studios or at worldwide tattoo conventions, I learn from the best and perfect my own technique. To see and to be seen – new experiences give my tattoos even more vitality and dynamics.