My compositions are always gaudy, playful and detail-loving. A solid basic concept of lines in Black & Grey give the tattoo structure, the colors caress and set gradient accents.

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Bold, colorful, critical, chique and loud. My art is a reflection of myself. Everything that makes my heart beat faster and takes my breath away, finds a place on my canvas.

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In my store you will find an exclusive selection of fine art prints, paintings and other unique pieces as well as all kinds of merch like shirts, bags and pins.

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I am Jules. I am an artist (in life), a looker over the edge and a factory of ideas. I am woman and I am girl - and even more I am a country girl that loves big cities. I am a tomboy and a globetrotter. I have my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. I am constantly fascinated and passionately creative. I am loud and abstract. I am natural and exaggerated.

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You want to know how to get a tattoo appointment with me or how to prepare for your tattoo appointment? In the FAQ section I have summarized the most frequently asked questions for you.

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